DNA Test - Obesity Management

Personalized Weight Loss
Obesity Management DNA Screening aids in weight control by identifying genes that relate to increased risk of obesity and determine the specific nutritional needs of the body. Thus, caloric restriction required for weight loss will be implemented for nutrients other than those identified as absolutely essential and will avoid long term health harm from common diseases such as Cardiovascular disorders, Osteoporosis, Type 2 Diabetes etc. It will also aid in obesity intervention decisions such as pharmacological treatment through the use of appetite suppressants and consideration of invasive medical procedures.

Obesity is a chronic disease with a strong genetic component. Genes, lack of exercise and high caloric food intake combined result in obesity.

Genes screened relate among others to the followingbiological processes:
• Regulation of lipolysis [break down of fat tissue]
and thermo genesis [heat generation]
• Modulation of insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis
• Neuronal regulation of food consumption
• Regulation of energy balance

Genes screened relate to the following biological processes:

Weight Loss
• Sense of Hunger and Fulfillment
• Energy intake vs. Energy expenditure
• Lipolysis – Thermogenesis

Reward Deficiency Syndrome
• Feed-back inhibition mechanisms
• Adipocyte hormones controlling weight loss

NutriGenetics – NutriGenomics
• Anti-oxidation and Detoxification
• Lipid and Cholesterol metabolism
• Inflammation – Stress response
• Folic Acid -Vitamins B - Homocysteine levels

Nutritional and dietary guidance, support and supplementation as it pertains to physical needs and weight management is provided.


DNA sampling is painless and does not require a blood draw. It involves taking cells from the inside of the cheek with a specialised and sterilised buccal swab. The procedure takes no more than a minute and results are usually available within 15 working days.

DNA Test - Obesity Management


Results are usually available within 15 working days.

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