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Predictive Genomics is the area of medicine that deals with the detection of specific “changes” in DNA called mutations. These mutations determine desirable or undesirable traits and have been associated with risk for common polygenic multifactorial diseases.

Disease depends not only on the genetic factors but also on environmental influences as well as the lifestyle of the individual. In the era of Preventive Medicine, knowledge of our genetic profile is an absolute necessity for achieving and maintaining optimal health. To avoid and manage disease, the insight obtained from DNA genetic screening isvital for implementing preventive measures and performing appropriate corrective actions. The genetic recommendations will provide longevity and improved life quality.

Genes screened relate to the following biological processes:

Neoplasia [Cancer]
• Programmed Cell Death
• Cell Cycle Regulation
• Tumor Suppression

• Blood Clot Inhibition
• Coagulation Factors

• Asthma Drug Response

Cluster Headaches

Cystic Fibrosis [ΔF508]

Type 2 Diabetes

Bone Health
• Osteoporosis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Ankylosing Spondylitis

Alzheimer’s Disease

• Drug Metabolism
• Efficacy of Drugs

Cardioascular Disease


• Antioxidation - Detoxification
• Iron Absorption & Storage
• Inflammatory Response
• Hypertention


DNA sampling is painless and does not require a blood draw. It involves taking cells from the inside of the cheek with a specialised and sterilised buccal swab. The procedure takes no more than a minute and results are usually available within 15 working days.

DNA Test - Helalth & Medical Care


Results are usually available within 15 working days.

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