DNA Test - Athletic Performance

This DNA testing is a powerful tool for the athletes helping them to identify their genetic advantages, to exceed their genetic barriers and to reach the peak of their athletic potential. Thus, the testing can identify individuals with optimal physiology, those with a greater capacity to respond / adapt to training and those with a lesser chance of suffering from sports-related injuries.

This genetic screening test relate to the following biological processes:

Endurance Capacity
- Energy production
- Oxygen supply to tissues

• Strength Capability
 - Anaerobic Respiration
- Muscle contraction

• Muscle Performance

 - Muscle structure
 - Muscle metabolism

• Body Mass Index [BMI]
- Lipolysis (Fat Break Down)

• Tendon Apparatus
- Pathogenesis of Tendinopathy

• Psychological Aptitude
- Exercise Attitude & Motivation
- Substance Abuse

• Athletic Performance NutriGenomics / NutriGenetics
-  Nutritional guidance, diet and supplementation advice
as it pertains to athletic requirements


DNA sampling is painless and does not require a blood draw. It involves taking cells from the inside of the cheek with a specialised and sterilised buccal swab. The procedure takes no more than a minute and results are usually available within 15 working days.

DNA Test - Athletic Performance


Results are usually available within 15 working days.

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