DNA Test - Lifestyle & Anti-Aging

Knowledge of the genetic profile is an absolute necessity. It is particularly important to take the necessary preventive measures and the appropriate corrective actions in the environment, the lifestyle, the nutrition and the use of the appropriate cosmetics for skin. This will prevent or at the very least delay the onset of the skin aging, providing longevity with significantly improved life quality.

A range of Corrective Actions is offered in the form of a specialized nutritional guidance, customized and personalized variety of cosmetics and dietary supplementation.

• Collagen breakdown
• Photo aging
• Skin wrinkling
• Customized individualized cosmetic range according
to the genetic make-up
• Minimize skin aging by reducing risk factors such
as external pollutants and free radicals
• Antioxidation - Detoxification

• Caffeine Metabolism
• Alcohol Metabolismλ
Fast” or “Slow” metabolizing genes can help
manage overall well being Detoxification ability

• Risk taking Personality
• Performance IQ

• Nutritional guidance and support as it pertains to
requirements to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance


DNA sampling is painless and does not require a blood draw. It involves taking cells from the inside of the cheek with a specialised and sterilised buccal swab. The procedure takes no more than a minute and results are usually available within 15 working days.

DNA Test - Lifestyle & Anti-Aging


Results are usually available within 15 working days.

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