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MyGen Face Cleansing Lotion

MyGen – Face Cleansing Lotion(200ml)With Aloe Vera, Provitamin B5 & Allantoin Cleansing, Moist..

24.99лв. Ex Tax: 24.99лв.

MyGen 24hour face cream

Immediate repair with anti-aging, antioxidant & firming actionActive ingredients:PLANT STEM CELL..

57.99лв. Ex Tax: 57.99лв.

Genomed Day Cream SPF 30

GENOMED DAY CREAM SPF30 (50ml)Protective, Hydrating, Revitalizing & Antiaging actionActive ingre..

38.99лв. Ex Tax: 38.99лв.

Elix - Rejuvenating Cream - 50ml

Revolutionary Multifunctional cream  with Plenty Actions & Exclusively natural ingredients ..

38.99лв. Ex Tax: 38.99лв.

MyGen – Eye Cream(30ml)

Antiaging, Moisturizing, Against dark circles actionActive Ingredients:ALOE VERA, HALOXYL, DERMONECT..

58.99лв. Ex Tax: 58.99лв.

GenoVit C Cream (50ml)

Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging & Whitening actionActive Ingredients:ORANGE EXTRACT, HYALURONIC ACID, O..

58.99лв. Ex Tax: 58.99лв.

Hyalugen Cream (50ml)

Antiwrinkle, Hydrating & Antiaging actionActive Ingredients:HYACTIVE, HYSILK, HYALURONIC ACID, P..

58.99лв. Ex Tax: 58.99лв.

Elixlift Cream (50ml)

*Awarded biotechnological productFirming, Anti aging & Skin Revitalizing actionActive ingredient..

96.99лв. Ex Tax: 96.99лв.

HyaluGen Serum (30ml)

Suitable for all skin types. High concentrated serum of special composition, consisting of 3 type..

97.99лв. Ex Tax: 97.99лв.

Elixlift Serum (30ml)

Firming, Anti aging & Skin Revitalizing action Active Ingredients: TENS’UP™, LIFTONIN®-XPRES..

57.99лв. Ex Tax: 57.99лв.